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Enamour Entertainment s.r.o, Antala Staska 1859/34, Krc, 14000 Prague 4, Czech Republic a Czech limited liability company (the “Company”), welcomes you to cammingvr.com (the “Website”). It is important to the Company that you and other visitors have the best possible experience while using the Website, and that, when you use the Website, you understand your legal rights and obligations. Please read this terms-of-service agreement, which is a legal agreement between you and the Company that governs your access to and use of the Website, including any content, functionality, and services offered on or through the Website. Your access to the Website is on the condition that you agree to this agreement.

These Terms of Use will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic, excluding its conflicts of law rules. You expressly agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or action arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use or your use of this Site will lie only in the courts of the Czech Republic, and you further agree to and submit to the exercise of personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of litigating any such claim or action.



Definitions At  Сammingvr


We address visitors who sign up to the services of our website as Members/Subscribers/Customers

  • Visitors that visit  Сammingvr without registering on the website are addressed to as Guests.

  • Performers, Models, ASP (Adult Service Providers) are individuals that are older than the age of 18, and in some regions, older than 21. These individuals provide various services such as chatting, web shows and other sorts of interactions with the Members/Subscribers/Customers of the website.   

  • Token Balance- At  Сammingvr , Members/Subscribers/Customers are given the opportunity to purchase tokens which can be used to pay for premium services that are provided by the Performers/Models/ASPs. All payments that are made at  Сammingvr are encrypted and safely processed by our payment processing service. All purchased credits appear instantly on the Members/Subscribers/Customers account which will be marked as account balance. 

  • Free chat is an unrestricted option which may be used by both guests and members to interact with performers that can be found at  Сammingvr. Communication between the two parties is available as on-screen text messages.

  • Private Chat is where Subscribers are given the chance to have written and audio communication with performers in private virtual rooms which are closed from general users.


    When browsing through or registering on  Сammingvr you automatically give consent to accept the following terms: 

1.1  Сammingvr is an interactive online adult website that includes nude, non-nude and other sorts of sexual content. Due to this, access to underage users is strictly prohibited. Individuals who are precarious towards adult entertainment content are not recommended to visit and or browse through  Сammingvr. Any potential browsing that may occur by such users will be their sole responsibility and in no way, shape or form may  Сammingvr be held accountable. 

1.2 All of the content/entertainment that can be found at Сammingvr is provided by male/female individuals that are above the age of 18.

1.3 The Performers/Models/ASPs are entertainers that chat and perform live webcam shows for the guests and members of  Сammingvr that have selected a specific performer according to images, offline teasers or paid teaser videos they may have encountered on the web. 

1.4   Сammingvr provides Performers/Models/ASPs for the following categories: 

1.4.1 Girl: A female model from which you can request a nude erotic show in private chat rooms if she approves your offer.

1.4.2 Lesbians: Two or more female models which can provide you with an online nude erotic show in a private chat room if they approve your offer. 

1.4.3 Mature Female: A single model which is 30 years or older from whom you can request an online nude erotic show in a private chat room if they approve your offer. 

1.4.4 Couple: Couples (also known as groups) are 3-4 female models from whom you can request an online erotic show in a private chat room if they approve your offer.

1.4.5 Fetish: A single female model which has all sort of fetish accessories and an extremly sexual and perverted mindset from whom you can request an online erotic show in a private chat room if they approve your offer. 

1.4.6 Boy:  A male model from whom you can request a nude erotic show in private chat rooms if he approves your offer.

1.4.7 Gays: Two or more male models which can provide you with an online nude erotic show in a private chat room if they approve your offer. 

1.4.8 Transsexual: May be one or more transsexual models from whom you can request a nude erotic show in private chat rooms if they approve your offer.

1.4.9 In the free chat of  Сammingvr , nudity and sexually proactive behavior is not allowed. On the other hand, private chats are where the performers are free to decide how far they are willing to go with you on the other line.

1.4.10 In the Non-Nude category of the website, performers are not obligated to imply nor provide any sexually proactive content in any shape or form. They will chat with you within the topic range they specified in their subcategory.  

Clause #2 :  Сammingvr - Warranties and Services 

2.1  Сammingvr is divided into two specific categories which are free and paid for adult entertainment services. On a constant basis Сammingvr adds new categories to upkeep our subscribers demands.

2.2 Before you purchase any subscriptions from our website, it is important that you as a consumer first browse through the content our models provide, as well as price list and payment options. All of this information is open to the public and can be found on our website. 

2.3 Сammingvr does not take any responsibility for the creators and content that they post.

2.4 To the extent by which it is permitted by law, Сammingvr gives no warranties or representations as to the services, products or information that can be found on Сammingvr . Customers and guests of the website use the services provided at their own risk.


2.5 Сammingvr strives to provide every single guest and customer with the best services and content possible, yet, Сammingvr cannot give any guarantees or warranty for the services and content.

2.6 Сammingvr nor any party that helped in the design, production and further improvement of Сammingvr can be held accountable for direct, incidental,consequential and punitive damages that may or may not arise from accessing, using, or by any way interacting with the services and content/information that can be found at Сammingvr.

2.7  Only by approval of our client or guest via email or phone will a Сammingvr  technical support representative remotely initiate a remote controlled session to the customers PC in order to fix the existing technical problems that may or may not occur when trying to visit or browser through Сammingvr. The sole reason this is done is to help the guest/customer to improve his experience when usingСammingvr.

    By giving permission for our technical support representative to remotely deal with any technical issues that may have occurred, the customer agrees to withhold from any legal actions he may have against Сammingvr and its staff, in regards to the remotely controlled technical support session. 

Clause #3 Сammingvr- Principles

3.1 Сammingvr implements strict rules and thus does not support any immoral interests.

3.2 Сammingvr is a premium member of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) and a member of the Restricted To Adults Association (RTA). One of (Website) top priorities is the protection of underage individuals. 

3.3 The content and services that are offered by Сammingvr are only available to individuals over the age of 18, and in some reasons, 21. Due to such precautions, no sexually explicit content is available to minors.  

3.4 Individuals under the age of 18, and in some reasons, 21, under no circumstance are allowed to be Adult Service Providers (ASP). All Adult Service Providers on Сammingvr are 18 years old, and in the regions where it is required, 21. Under no circumstances has, nor will Сammingvr allow Adult Service Providers (ASP) to be children under the legal age of 18 or 21, depending on the region.

3.5 All Adult Service Providers (ASP) must first agree and fulfill three obligatory requirements:

3.5.1 To read through and sign an agreement where they prove and confirm the genuineness of the personal data that they have sent in to Сammingvr when registering with the website.

3.5.2 Providing a scanned government issued ID with all four corners of the document being visible. 

3.5.3 A photo of the Adult Service Provider (ASP) holding his/her next to his/her face.

3.6 If any of the terms and conditions are not complied with or are violated, the account of the Adult Service Provider (ASP) will be permanently suspended. 

3.7 Сammingvr has not, and will not tolerate any sort of child pornography in both written and virtual format. If any of the policies that regard to this matter are broken, or, there is the slightest suspicion that these policies are being violated, Сammingvr immediately and permanently be blocked. Local authorities may be contacted to further deal with the situation if such arises. 

3.8 Сammingvr holds the right to immediately and permanently ban users that have offensive screen names.

Clause #4 : Сammingvr - Subscribers/Customers/Members 

4.1 Subscribers/Customers/Members of Сammingvr must be at least 18 years old, and in some regions, 21, in order to subscribe to our services and content. 

4.2 By registering as a Member at Сammingvr and accepting its terms and conditions of use, subscriber hereby consents that he/she consents to the supply of services and content from the website. The subscriber also hereby acknowledges that he/she loses the right to any withdrawal/cancellation of funds that have been paid for at Сammingvr .

4.3 By registering as a Member at Сammingvr and accepting its terms and conditions of use,  members henceforth agree to indemnify, and if need be pay the full cost of any legal fees that may be encountered down the road towards any of Сammingvr officers, affiliates, attorneys, shareholders, managers, employees. This is to be done only if the member has stated or conducted any harmful phrases/actions that have lead to negative backlash against Сammingvr. This is also applicable to the member if he/she has breached any of the terms and conditions that he/she has agreed to when first registering at Сammingvr.

4.4 In the scenario that a member of Сammingvr has breached the terms and conditions agreement, Сammingvr may terminate the members account without notifying him/her. Сammingvr will not be held accountable for any possible losses that may be encountered due to the termination of the members account (token balance) . If this terms and conditions is breached either by unlawful misconduct or suspicion that one of the members of Сammingvr did not meet the standards and requirements of the agreement, Сammingvr will then be entitled to ban the member.

4.5 The agreement above shall be effective once the member enters the website and registers at Сammingvr, thus accepting the agreement listed above. This agreement shall stay active until it shall be terminated by either party.

Clause #5: Сammingvr - Fees, Refunds and Credit Compensation 

5.1 Members of Сammingvr are allowed to purchase token packages which can then be used to pay for various services and content that is used for Adult Entertainment on Сammingvr . Each member should browse with attention and take into consideration the pricing of the content or service he/she wishes to see to avoid any misunderstandings between the member and the Adult Service Provider (ASP).


5.2 On Сammingvr, watching clothed Adult Service Providers is free of charge, yet, if a subscriber wishes to see nude ASP’s, he/she must click the “A Private Show With This Performer” button, from which point on he will be transferred to a private virtual room where the purchased tokens can be used as a currency on a per-minute basis. 

5.3 Each member should discuss banking expenses directly his/her bank 


5.4 Сammingvr will not deal nor take responsibility for any banking difficulties you may have outside of Сammingvr.

Clause #6- Сammingvr : Guest/Subscriber Declarations 

6.1 Guest/Subscriber is fully aware as to what sort of Adult Entertainment content Сammingvr provides. 

6.2 Guest/Subscriber is fully aware that viewing Adult Entertainment content is only allowed for users that have reached the age of 18, and in some regions, 21.

6.3 Guest/Subscriber confirms that on the current date, he/she has reached the required age in accordance with local regulations. Guest/Subscriber agrees that he/she has the full legal and mental capacity to freely enter the current agreement in the form of Сammingvr terms and conditions, thus to use and view the services that are provided by Сammingvr without restriction.     

6.4 Guest/Subscriber confirms that he/she truly does reside within the country that he/she has indicated when registering at Сammingvr, and agrees to inform Сammingvr of any residential address changes that may occur to another country that is not listed in the guests/subscribers account. This information must be provided to a representative at (email) 

6.5 Guest/Subscriber accepts that all the terms listed above will be complied with and duly accomplished until a Сammingvr representative issues a confirmation of receiving the information listed above. 

6.6 Guest/Subscriber fullys accepts that he/she is liable for any false declarations regarding his/her residency information, as well as not informing Сammingvr of any international residential relocations.

6.7 Guest/Subscriber is fully aware of his/her criminal liability, therefore, will under any circumstances, act in accordance to his/her local community standard of moral and any other applicable laws.     

6.8 Guest/Subscriber agrees that as an adult, is permitted the right to read/view any content that is provided to him on Сammingvr.

6.9 Guest/Subscriber confirms that reading, viewing, or any other form of interaction with Сammingvr does not in any way infringe on norms or laws of his/her country, state, etc. 

6.10 Guest/Subscriber is fully aware that all the content and services that can be found at Сammingvr, included but not limited to images, graphics, camera streams, texts and applications are duly protected by an applicable legislation, with all its rights reserved. 

6.11 Guest/Subscriber is fully aware and agrees that Сammingvr may grant full cooperation to legal authorities that may need to investigate suspicious transactions and other situations that fall under legal jurisdictions, court orders and subpoenas. 

6.12 Guest/Subscriber acknowledges that Сammingvr and any of its affiliates will not be held responsible for any legal issues that may arise due to fraudulent entry and usage of the Сammingvr and its content.

6.13 Guest/Subscriber acknowledges that Сammingvr and all of its affiliated companies will not be held responsible for any losses  or damages that originate from any contact with Adult Service Providers.

6.14 The Guest/Subscriber understands and accepts that under no circumstances will Сammingvr, nor any of its affiliated companies will be liable for direct,indirect,incidental, consequential or punitive damages that may or may not arise from any false disclosures in violation of rights.

6.15 Guest/Subscriber acknowledges that all of the content, also known as intellectual property, that has been made public for the guests/subscribers that are available at Сammingvr belong to Сammingvr. 

6.16 The Guest/Subscriber henceforth declares that he/she will not use Сammingvr  to promote any content or products that belong to competitors of Сammingvr. If at any point such strategies are to be used to advertise Сammingvr competitors on Сammingvr, this will be seen as unfair trade and marketing practices, and thus will be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent that is allowed by law. Guest/Subscriber hereby acknowledges and agrees that a violation of these terms and conditions will lead to an immediate termination of his/her account. 

6.17 Guest/Subscriber allows Сammingvr to monitor, track and record his/her online activities on Сammingvr, limited to the messages that are located in private chats, emails, votes, presents that are sent and given to Adult Service Providers.

6.18 Guest/Subscriber confirms and agrees that any content that may be recorded onСammingvr while using the website belongs to and is property of Сammingvr.

6.19 The Guest/Subscriber removes has no claims about Сammingvr violating any of his/her rights, including, but not limited to privacy rights, moral rights, rights to publicity, and any other rights by law.

6.20 Guest/Subscriber confirms that he/she is NOT acting on behalf of a legal person or any such entity, and is an individual consumer. Under no condition is the purchase of services from Сammingvr under this agreement shall be considered as part of the guests/subscribers professional work activity. 

Clause #7- Сammingvr - Guest/Subscriber Duties 

 7.1 Guest/Subscriber agrees to never copy,republish, reproduce or transmit any of the content that can be found at Сammingvr without written consent from a Сammingvr representative. 

7.2 Guest/Subscriber takes full responsibility for any false claims and disclosures. Guest/Subscriber is also fully liable for any legal ramifications that may or may not arise while viewing, reading or downloading any content that can be found at Сammingvr.

7.3 Guest/Subscriber agrees to never expose any minors to the content and services that can be found at Сammingvr and will take all precautionary measures to avoid any type of interaction of minors with such content. The Guest/Subscriber takes full responsibility in case a minor gets access to Сammingvr through his or her account or by using his or her credit card information. 

7.4 Guest/Subscriber takes full responsibility in maintaining the security of his/her account and password. 

7.5 Guest/Subscriber will not give out any of his/her personal information, nor provide support to escort and prostituition services. 

7.6 Guest/Subscriber will not arrange any appointments with Adult Service Providers (ASP), nor exchange any personal contact information with any Adult Service Providers at Сammingvr. Any form of contact outside of Сammingvr with any Adult Service Providers (ASP) is prohibited. The Guest/subscriber is also aware that any attempt to try to have physical contact/meetings with Adult Service Providers will lead to his/her account immediately being deactivated and deleted.

7.7 The Guest/Subscriber will not curse,threaten or quarrel, as well as not violate the rights of other guests/subscribers of Сammingvr. 

7.8 The Guests/Subscribers username and content that he or she types up in his profile description and messages to ASP’s shall not be offensive, nor shall it contain or even suggest pedophilia, adolescence, zoophilia or bestiality. Our Guests/Subscribers also understand that the username that they choose to register with at Сammingvr will not consist of any personal information such as name or last name, as well as any other data that could help another user connect the account to the guests/subscribers real identity (Such as a username that you use on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). In the case that the guest/subscriber decides to choose a username that has potential to give out the guest/subscribers really identity, he/she is solely responsible for the consequences that may follow. 


7.9 Guest/Subscriber will not use any sort of remarks and usernames that are unacceptable in moral standards and public etiquette.

7.10 The Guest/Subscriber shall immediately inform Сammingvr of any suspicious or unlawful conduct that any Adult Service Providers (ASP) may be practicing. The Guest/Subscribalso immediately report any unlawful use of Сammingvr trademarks, brands and etc. 

Clause #8 Сammingvr - Subscription Cancellation 

8.1 Guest who has become a subscriber at Сammingvr is given the option to unsubscribe at any time from Сammingvr and the content and services it has to offer. 

8.2 If the subscribers wishes to cancel his or her subscription, they can easily do so by clicking the “Forget My Data” button in the “Privacy Settings” section of his or her account. If you decide to cancel your subscription agreement with Сammingvr, your subscriber status will change from “Active” to “Cancelled”, and all your personal information that you have left with Сammingvr when registering at first will be deleted from our systems, as required by applicable laws and legitimate business interests, as explained in our privacy policy.

8.3 Сammingvr holds the right to cancel/suspend any subscription in case the account and its user breach any part of this agreement. Any unlawful conduct of the subscriber may lead to Сammingvr filing a criminal complaint and contacting local authorities to further deal with the matter. 

Clause #9 Сammingvr- Personal Data and Privacy Policy

9.1 When a Guest navigates through Сammingvr and registers, he/she becomes a Subscriber to the content and services that Сammingvr has to offer. The newly registered subscriber will automatically share the data he or she has filed while registering with Сammingvr, which then stores that personal information on the newly registered user on secure servers. For more information on this matter, please read our privacy policy which explains exactly how Сammingvr collects and stores your personal information.

9.2 As a subscribed member to Сammingvr, you have not and will not provide Сammingvr any false information and or documents. This way you confirm and recognize that Сammingvr has the right to immediately terminate your subscription agreement upon the slightest hint of forgery of your information and documents.

9.3 All the systems at Сammingvr meet all the required security standards of the PCI DSS, a standard which has been set by Visa/Mastercard.

9.4 Сammingvr employees are all bound by confidentiality obligations, thus, insuring that access to any subscriber information is heavily restricted. If Сammingvr employees fail to meet the confidentiality obligations, there will be disciplinary measures, including the termination of their contracts, and in very serious cases, criminal prosecution.

Clause #10- Сammingvr- Functionality and Security. 

10.1 Сammingvr is a Flash-technology based website, also known as “Shared Object” technology. This is done to improve user experience for every single subscriber.

10.2 Сammingvr recommends all its users to enable “cookies” in their browsers to ensure better functionality of the website, thus, improving their user experience with Сammingvr

10.3 Сammingvr has a dedicated support team that monitors all the camera feeds on the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

10.4 Сammingvr has never had any serious security breaches due to its highly secure systems and highly professional team of developers that monitor the site and its servers 24/7.

Clause #11- Сammingvr- Spam 

11.1 Сammingvr does not send any sort of spam marketing material, thus, distancing itself from any spam practices that may be used by other services. 

11.2 The actions listed below are considered to be spam 

11.2.1 Manipulating email headers sent from Сammingvr systems in such a way that may mislead guests/subscribers. 

11.2.2 Sending emails from a third party email marketing server without informing the third party of its servers being used. 

11.2.3 Sending or marketing any information that is false and deceptive information that is against the business interests of Сammingvr. 

11.2.4 It is strictly prohibited to use Сammingvr marketing tools or any other sorts of systems to allow the transfer of unsolicited or unauthorized materials. URLs, marketing material or any other sort of unauthorized solicitation that can be uploaded, posted, emailed or transmitted or otherwise made available to the public are amongst the prohibited materials.

11.2.5 It is strictly prohibited to post, upload, email and transmit the same message or URL multiple times within a small time period. 

11.2.6 It is strictly prohibited to disrupt the standardized flow of dialogue by sending messages at quick successions, multiple times and with capital letters.

11.3 Disturbing and spamming guests/subscribers of Сammingvr is a violation of Сammingvr terms and conditions.

11.4 Сammingvr takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that its guests/subscribers are protected from any sort of spamming. 

11.5 Usage of any legal proceedings will be taken into consideration in the case any sort of spamming is causing major loses to Сammingvr.

11.6 Сammingvr may send promotional marketing material to its guests/subscribers only when guests/subscribers authorize such actions when agreeing to the terms and conditions of Сammingvr. All promotional material that may be potentially sent will include the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list to further avoid any marketing material to be sent to the guest/subscribers email.

11.7 Registered guests, which from that point forward are addressed to as subscribers, may occasionally receive promotional marketing material from Сammingvr. Subscribing to and unsubscribing from these mailing lists can be done in just a few clicks. Promotional marketing material will only be sent to the subscriber if he/she agrees to accept them when first registering with Сammingvr.

11.8 If at any point of time Сammingvr subscribers wish to report spam in regards to the marketing material that is being sent to them via email, they can easily do by reaching out to the support team of Сammingvr. Representatives of Сammingvr deal with such reports from subscribers in an urgent manner. 

Clause #12- Сammingvr- Contacts 

12.1 The customer support team of Сammingvr can be contacted via the following options 


12.1.1 Online Chat

12.1.2 Emailing support is available for all users 

12.1.3 Feel free to send an email over to Сammingvr or Сammingvr

12.1.4 If there is a need to send a letter, feel free to do so. The address can be found below 


Clause #13: Сammingvr - Miscellaneous 

13.1 With the Guest/subscriber agreeing to these terms and conditions, he/she acknowledges that there is a total understanding between Сammingvr and the Guest/Subscriber.

13.2 If any of the terms and conditions in this agreement will be deemed unenforceable by a court of law of competent jurisdiction, it will in no shape or form affect the enforceability of any other points of this agreement.

13.3 The party that wins any lawsuits that may or may not occur is entitled to recover a reasonable attorney's fee.

13.4 If at any point Сammingvr makes changes to the terms and conditions, Сammingvr will update all of its guests/subscribers by posting a notice of these changes on the website or sending notifications via email. 

13.5 If changes are made to the terms and conditions of Сammingvr and the guest/subscriber finds the update unacceptable, the guest/subscriber shall immediately cease to use the services that Сammingvr has to offer.

13.6 These terms and conditions arising between the guest/subscriber and Сammingvr will be governed by the law of the Czech Republic.