Anti-Spam Policy



Сammingvr does not send any sort of spam marketing material, thus, distancing itself from any spam practices that may be used by other services. 


  • The actions listed below are considered to be spam

  • Manipulating email headers sent from Сammingvr systems in such a way that may mislead guests/subscribers.

  • Sending emails from a third party email marketing server without informing the third party of its servers being used.

  • Sending or marketing any information that is false and deceptive information that is against the business interests of Сammingvr.

  •  It is strictly prohibited to use Сammingvr marketing tools or any other sorts of systems to allow the transfer of unsolicited or unauthorized materials. URLs, marketing material or any other sort of unauthorized solicitation that can be uploaded, posted, emailed or transmitted or otherwise made available to the public are amongst the prohibited materials.

  •  It is strictly prohibited to post, upload, email and transmit the same message or URL multiple times within a small time period.

  •  It is strictly prohibited to disrupt the standardized flow of dialogue by sending messages at quick successions, multiple times and with capital letters.

  • Disturbing and spamming guests/subscribers of Сammingvr is a violation of Сammingvr terms and conditions.

  • Сammingvr takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that its guests/subscribers are protected from any sort of spamming.

  •  Usage of any legal proceedings will be taken into consideration in the case any sort of spamming is causing major loses to Сammingvr.

  •  Сammingvr may send promotional marketing material to its guests/subscribers only when guests/subscribers authorize such actions when agreeing to the terms and conditions of Сammingvr. All promotional material that may be potentially sent will include the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list to further avoid any marketing material to be sent to the guest/subscribers email.


  •  Registered guests, which from that point forward are addressed to as subscribers, may occasionally receive promotional marketing material from Сammingvr. Subscribing to and unsubscribing from these mailing lists can be done in just a few clicks. Promotional marketing material will only be sent to the subscriber if he/she agrees to accept them when first registering with Сammingvr.

 If at any point of time Сammingvr subscribers wish to report spam in regards to the marketing material that is being sent to them via email, they can easily do by reaching out to the support team of Сammingvr. Representatives of Сammingvr deal with such reports from subscribers in an urgent manner.