Refund Policy

  • Members of Сammingvr are allowed to purchase token packages which can then be used to pay for various services and content that is used for Adult Entertainment on Сammingvr . Each member should browse with attention and take into consideration the pricing of the content or service he/she wishes to see to avoid any misunderstandings between the member and the Adult Service Provider (ASP).


  • On Сammingvr, watching clothed Adult Service Providers is free of charge, yet, if a subscriber wishes to see nude ASP’s, he/she must click the “A Private Show With This Performer” button, from which point on he will be transferred to a private virtual room where the purchased tokens can be used as a currency on a per-minute basis. 


  • The client will only be refunded if the the ASP that he has chosen to go into a virtual private room with has been caught in dealing with fraud or any sort of illegal conduct. The client will also be refunded if any billing errors occur such as double billing.